[4Sale] ABI Tack II Tack/Fusion Welder

For Sale: (used) ABI Tack II Tack Welder/Fusion Welder and Cock and
Fire weld pencil Used only a little for fusion findings and tacking
prior to soldering.

Tack welsds brass, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, titanium,
nickel silver, stainless steel, copper or dissimilar metals and
fusion welding fusion findings. Fusion weld ear posts or clips,
joints, catches, tie tack pins & pin backs, etc. Tack working
weld/position settings, bezels, heads, joints, links/jumprings,
catches, ring prongs, for repairs or production."

Comes with with manual, video, contact pad, carbon overlay, small
double pole tweezers, single pole tweezers, brass jaw priers and
touch weld pencil, and also the optional Cock and Fire weld pencil.

((Bought new for $1295 (+ cock and fire pencil was extra) ))

Selling all for $750 in cont. USA. I will accept payment via PayPal
(you can pay by credit card). Feel free to email me at

Thank you,