[4Sale] ABI II tack fusion welder

HELLO Ganoksin for sale $750.00

granulation vacumn attachment, this works well, Although the vacumn
works fine the wand part (detaches) must be replaced. Other than
that Aelectronic Bonding Inc., supports it’s products, I am getting
new equipment and can put the money to good use by selling this. The
pliers, are already modified to weld perfectly, the two different
tweezers are already filed and the points removed for more accurate
performance. the Contact pad is Pristine, also You won’t have to buy
the foot pedal it’s there for you this will be lovingly wrapped in
bubble wrap and boxed and sent to you There are many reasons for
buying this equipment but here is a reason below of why you need it!
while the actual unit is $1,300 without the accessories, i am low
balling the price to sell quickly!!!