[4Sale] 3M FX Kits

Dear Orchid Members,

As many of you may know, 3M has discontinued the FX Wheels. These
wheels have been a wonderful alternative to buffs and compounds and
were a great compliment to the Scotch-Brite Bristle Discs. There are
several initiatives going on in the industry to try and continue
manufacture of these wheels in the future but that may take some

In the meantime, we had ordered several FX Kits months ago and
finally received them recently. We have 3 kits left. Instead of
sending them back we thought that we would ask Orchid members if they
would like them. We took them off the website so if anyone is
interested in our final kits they go for $110. They contain one each
of the following: 4 inch wheels grades 240, 600, 1500 and 3000. They
also contain one each: 5-ply bristle brushes brushes, grades 400 and
1 Micron. Feel free to give us a call anytime if you are interested.

Michael McKinnon
McKinnon Global, LLC
Fine Jewelry & Creative Supplies

As many of you may know, 3M has discontinued the FX Wheels. 

Oh no!!! I love these wheels!!!

The ones I have will hold me quite a while, but I am truly
distressed to think I might not be able to replace them.


Hi Noel,

Foredom has laid in a supply of the FX 4" Wheels so you should be
able to get them from your favorite Foredom Dealer for a while.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Sales Manager