[4Sale] 2 Used gem-rx4 engraving machines

Hi All,

Well, I finally upgraded my engraving equipment and wanted to offer
this on the forum before I put it up on Ebay. I have two GEM-RX4
computerized engraving machines for sale.


They come with nearly everything except the ring engraving
attachment and are capable of doing great engraving on flat surfaces
(pendants, watch backs, etc.) as well as on pens. It is very easy to
use and very quick! They currently cost over $7,000 new (mine were
purchased for just under that). I’m offering them to the group here
for $4500. If anyone is interested, please contact me off-list at
[ErichCDesigns at gmail.com] for more details or feel free to call at
(616) 402-5142.

Erich C. Shoemaker