[4Rent] [NC Southern Pines] Shop space

Own your own store opportunity in Southern Pines NC

I have a fellow jeweler friend who is moving out of the country, is
renting his shop space and has more time left on his lease. Here’s an
opportunity to have your own place, business is going. He’ll leave
all of the equipment there and is JUST LOOKING TO HAVE SOMONE TAKE
OVER THE LEASE and a you can use his equipment so he doesn’t have to
move it all.

I am interested to find someone that might like to take over my
operation here in Southern Pines, North Carolina. I will consider
a variety of applicants from a new owner to some level of
partnership. As you are aware my shop is equipped with most of
the bells and whistles for the metal-smith craftsperson. As you
have mentioned my best place to find this person is in NC, but
there may be someone out there who would like to move from their
location to this paradise.

We have Gemvision Matrix, DG4, and laser welder in house. The
1200 sq ft.shop is in a small office center with plenty of
parking near our downtown. Security system are in place as well
as door buzzer. I have 2 more years on my lease at only $650-
monthly rent.

For the right person I would let them use my business name and
even let them take over the website. I have had a successful
jewelry repair, design, retail, and over the counter business
here for nearly 25 years. You can see my unfinished website at


This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced bench
person, NOT a beginner, and must be a Go-Getter. If you run
across or know of someone interested please have them contact me
at my email. jewelsmithe at yahoo dot com. My telephone is
910-692-9543. Thanks in advance, Jeffery Lomax