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4" trim saws

Hi folks,

TGIF! Could anybody comment on the difference between the Tiny Trim
saw vs. Li’l Trimmer 4" saws? Is there really much difference
performance-wise? Time to give the noisy tile saw the boot.

Thank you as always, looking forward to a long weekend to be spent
in lapidary heaven :slight_smile: Carol


In regards to choosing a lapidary saw, a 4" saw limits you to only
cutting small pieces of rough. I have a 5" and it is pretty
limiting. If you only cut slabs, if you plan to cut something over
2"long, you need a saw where the part that holds the blade is below
the table so you can run the slab through with hitting that part.

My raytech is not that way, so I can only cut 2.5" deep unless I
hold it above the arbor.