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4/0 polishing paper


Hi, Please, where may I buy/order 4/0 polishing paper? The internet
searches are returning some really wierd sites and not helpful info.



Well, a source for various papers is Supergrit. All they do it
abrasive paper. I am not sure if they have the 4/0 paper, but it
could not hurt to give them a call at 800-822-4003.


for 4/0 polishing paper, you should try Gesswein, Eisinger,Stuller.
Only ask for the “Norton” 4/0 paper, nothing else!..“Gerry, the Cyber-


You may find what you need at your local auto parts store that
carries supplies for auto body work. They have abrasive/polishing
paper in very fine grits.

Rick Copeland – Silversmith


Hi Louis,

Please, where may I buy/order 4/0 polishing paper?

Try your local yellow pages under ‘Abrasives’ or ‘Industrial
Suppliers’. Many of these type papers are used in dustry for a
myriad of applications. Another possibility is RioGrande & Swest.



3M makes a wetordry polishing paper in very fine mesh. The 2 closest
to a 4/0 (approx 2000 grit) would be the 9 micron (1200 mesh) and
then the 3 micron (4000 mesh). As a 3M distributor Santa Fe Jewelers
Supply carries these polishing papers. You can buy them in individual
grits or in an assortment.

Kristin @ SFJS