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3M FX polishing wheels

I absolutely love these wheels and I understand they are
discontinued. Does anyone have a source for something comparable?
Read a description of them here:

Thanks for any help you can give me, I am so disappointed!

I absolutely love these wheels and I understand they are

According to John Frei, who I asked this last summer, only some of
the FX wheels are discontinued. I think it was mostly the larger six
inch sizes and small flex shaft sizes, but I don’t recall exactly.
Anyway, just check the various suppliers. Otto Frei currently shows a
number of grits of the 4 inch wheels available on their web site.

Peter Rowe

I did check Otto Frei, but there is no “Add to Cart” button next to
the product description which ed me to believe they were
discontinued. I’ll call Otto Frei and check, thanks Peter!

It was just suggested to me that I acquire these very wheels for a
project I am working on----unfortunately I am also unable to find
the proper grit needed. I contacted 3m to find out if these FX wheels
have been discontinued and if they recommend an alternative product.
The response I got was a link to their Scotch brite radial bristle
disks----I’ve used some of these before and wasn’t impressed. They
do make a larger size (I am finishing large objects) but the
suggested RPM is out of the realm of my bench grinder. I DID find a
product at Rio Grande called an MX wheel— it seems to contain the
same silicone carbide as the FX, and, at least visually, appears to
be very much like the FX. But as I have never seen the FX other than
in pictures, I would like your opinion as to its similarity.

Holly B.

While researching the Orchid Book on the Flex-shaft, I was given a
sample of FX wheels to try out. They polished pretty well, but they
had two problems. One being the “glue” which adhered the FX wheel to
a permanently mounted mandrel kept failing, making mass production
difficult. The other was the amount of debris that flew away, meant
that in small quantities, you would be burning through quite a few.
I found that using them in a flex shaft, the heat generated from the
friction in final polishing made it difficult to hold. Upon
searching for the MX polishing wheel at Rio, this looks the same.
Could be a 3M product that was sold or an OEM. Don’t know for sure.

The FX wheels as a flex shaft product are in the book, and I believe
they had intended to sell them, but were discontinued.

Hmmm, maybe I can sell mine on Ebay. LOL

Karen Christians