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3Design CAD V5 now available

Dear All,

We are proud to announce the release of 3Design CAD V5, the latest
version of the most advanced 3D Jewelry Design Software. Famous for
its unique hybrid technology (Solid + Surface + Parametric) and its
real-world interface, CAD 5 is packed with exciting and exclusive new
features such as :

  • 3D textures : for the very first time in the 3D CAD world,
    regardless the industry, 3D Textures can now be processed in 3D
    modeling technology;

  • Gem-Cutter and Ajour-Cutter : automated elite-skill now available
    at the fingerprints;

  • Wire-Cluster : Think seconds not hours to make complex wire
    clusters with auto-positioning of the stones;

  • Signet ring : Automated wizard combined with fully scalable
    functionality in the Signet ring creations;

  • Cluster setting : Surround a stone with a fully customizable
    setting including automatic locations of surrounding stones;

  • Cabochon : Just as fast as creating a stone in 3DESIGN, enjoy the
    Cabochon settings to add a sparkling touch to your jewels;

  • and way-much more.

Please visit or to learn more or
schedule an online demonstration.

Cyril Saelens
3Design Software Solutions
Tel: 213-624-6321

Hi, does anyone here use 3Design? How is the pricing compared to say
Artcam, Rhino+Techgems, Matrix, etc? I like the way it looks (from
looking at the website)… but it’s hard to beat the price of

Does 3Design output to STL or some other format that can be read by
milling software (like Mach2)?


I went to your website but I could not find a price easily. So, what
does it cost?

Hans Meevis

Has anyone elts used this program? How easy is it to use? and what
is the cost? Especialy for a small jeweler, or a private Jewelry
Artist? I havn’t used any CAD/CAM programs before, I am in the
market, but dont have a Ton of money to spend.

Ray Tomlin
Columubs Ohio


3DESIGN is in the $6000 price range (which is actually less
expensive than comparable competing solutions).

I didn’t include “Rhino+ Techgems” in the comparison because I
consider it more as an inexpensive entry solution that people often
purchase to get starting with CAD-CAM. Then when they realize that
there are definitely great advantages on using software for designing
jewelry (and if they can afford it) they start looking at high-end
software solutions like for instance 3DESIGN. Because it features
jewelry dedicated functions like settings creation (Prong, bezel,
channel & automatic pave) and solid deformation (bend, taper,
twist…) to name just a few.

Of course, 3DESIGN exports STL files to output to milling machines
and rapid prototyping machines.

If you’d like to learn more about 3Design, there is not a better way
than seeing it in action so please email me your off
forum and I will direct you to a local distributor who will be able
to schedule an online demonstration with you and answer any
questions you may have.

Cyril Saelens
3Design software solutions
Tel: 213-624-6321

Hi Craig, I have never used 3Design, but I have seen it demonstrated.
You are still going to need a CAM program to generate the G or M code
to output to Mach2/3. I chose to go the way of rhino /techgems/
flamingo simply because of the price. Probably harder to learn but
well worth the effort.

Regards, Ken


JewelCAD is even less then 4000 USD. complete version. Designer
version is just 1000 USD only.

And you can export as STL files. I am working since 5 years… Its
very nice program.

Tusif Ahmad

I’d like to make a correction to my previous post on this subject.
On the MoI forum ( ) the correct topic to
seach for is “Recent Projects”, (rather than “recent work” ) and you
would have to scroll down to the bottom of the topic’s page and
select Show Messages “All” to see the jpg’s of the CAD models.


Hi Ray,

I haven't used any CAD/CAM programs before, I am in the market, but
don't have a Ton of money to spend 

I definitely hear what you’re saying…I felt exactly the same way
about 7 years ago.

While jewelry specific CAD programs are great and will give you a
jump up in terms of training and tech support, not everyone has the
financial resources to follow that path or is ready to make that sort
of commitment of time and effort to an unfamiliar process.

Whether you start out with a high-end jewelry design program or an
affordable CAD/CAM solution which may or may not be jewelry specific,
the key word in getting involved in CAD really is commitment.

There are plenty of people who have invested in expensive software,
gone for training and failed to become productive, for one reason or
another, A certain amount of dedication and perseverance is required
and it helps if you have an affinity for technology because it’s a
whole different mindset in terms of designing jewelry.

For me, it’s been very exciting in a creative sense and has opened me
up to many wonderful opportunities, professionally.

I’ve traveled the USA, making many good friends in the business and
I’ve even been to Honk Kong, China and Bali as a CAD trainer and
consultant to other jewelry business people and artists.

For a garden variety bench jeweler who sat in the back of a little
retail jewelry store for 15 years, setting stones, sizing rings and
fixing chains, it blows my mind that this has even happened to me!

Now I spend my days doing 3 D model making and CNC Milling as well
as other related services for other jewelers and I can honestly say,
I love my work.

When I saw your post it reminded me of another post I read yesterday
from a jeweler who had no computer experience up until 2 years ago
when he decided to explore CAD/CAM as a design option.

If you go to and do a search on “jewelry” a
post will come up called “Recent Work”. I’d urge you to read his
thoughts on how he got started with CAD and take a look at the
beautiful wax models that he’s created.

I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Jesse Kaufman
CAD/CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality

Just a FYI: if you have taken any classes anywhere, and can be
considered a student (this requirement is pretty lax) you can buy
Rhino 4.0, for example, for only $95.00, at this site:

I took one Revere Academy class, got a student card for a year, and
bought Rhino - it is the full-fledged version for $95.00, which can
cost up to $900.00 elsewhere.

Rhino is the best - do not waste your money on other 3D-CAD


I have been using my 3 design for just over a month now and man is
it cool. The training I received in Atlanta was great- Even though I
was an experienced CAD user 3 Design has helped me think about my
design style differently. The Parametric abilities make the
indecisive customer a dream project instead of a nightmare. I also
don’t know how I lived without 3Designs signature view-port control
handles (available on most all of the tools).

The BAS Relief tool will literally blow your mind. If I was to
guess- I have paid for 20% of my investment in the first 30 days. Oh
yeah I am also running it on both a MAC (native no windows
emulation) as well as a PC. I also have not crashed the software yet
on either machine…

As you can tell I am a Fan.