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3Design Cad advance training program

I purchased 3Design CAD program a few weeks ago. I took a four day
training course with a company which was very helpful. However, they
do not offer an advance program.

I need someone who can give one and one help. Must be in the New
York city area. Will pay a reasonable day or hourly rate.

Feel free to contact me.

Hi Elma

To be honest you would be wasting your money! The only way you will
ever learn the program is to work with it on the items that you want
to make. It sounds difficult but it is really the only way you will
ever learn it. Start with simple designs so that you can get the idea
of how to get these done and then advance to the more difficult.

The best method is trial and error. There are many support forums on
the web for all CAD programs. What program is it?

Have A Great Day!
Bill Meyer


We do have a 3Design training center where we offer both beginning
and advanced classes (in small group session or personalized
training) in the jewelry district in Downtown Los Angeles.

If you plan to be in Los Angeles in the near future and you’d like
to attend an advanced group class or one on one session, please feel
free to contact me. Regards,

Cyril Saelens
3Design Software Solutions
Tel: 213-624-6321

Hi Elma,

Ernie Espinell is a very knowledgeable teacher of 3Design and does
an excellent job. He provides one-on-one online training or will even
travel in some cases. His contact info can be found if you go to the
URL I’ve included in the closing of my message.

As far as advanced training being a waste of money, I think that’s
debatable. By attending a class, you’ll learn vital new techniques
and be able to have questions answered that you may have gathered
since your initial training.

You may feel you’ve reach a point of " metal saturation" at some
point during a 2 day, or for that matter, a 5 day classroom style
training, but it’s all part of the process of learning and knowing
what works for you. Some may find that the travel, time and expense
to take a class is not very conducive to their work schedule or
budget, while others enjoy getting away from their day-to-day
distractions and like to focus entirely on learning for a short but
on-going period of time.

Having said all that, I don’t offer jewelers generalized CAD
training on a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. I prefer to
train on a project-oriented basis.

As Bill infers, there is no substitute for practical application
when learning a new skill.

My suggestion is that when you’ve reached the limitations of your
skill on a particular design project, don’t give up or curse that
impossibly difficult to learn CAD program, :wink: . Think of it as
practicing CAD Yoga! Find a teacher willing work with you at your
current level of skill to guide you to the next level without jumping
ahead to that which you haven’t built a foundation or wasting time by
excessively going over what you already know.

I’ve worked with people in this way in my own life and have also
made an effort to freely pass on what I’ve learned to others. However,
my friends in the Jewelry CAD World (there is such a place) :wink: tell
me I need to be compensated for all my time and knowledge so I don’t
become resentful when I see people I’ve taught go on to reap great
professional success and financial reward from the tools I’ve given
them! It’s not their fault I didn’t ask to be paid for my time. :wink:

So with the help of my friend Ernie Espinell, I’ve developed a web
based CAD Training service for Jewelers, using “Show my PC”
[] an open source remote PC access implementation". I
find it simpler and more efficient than the commercially available
remote access services. We can share a desktop and use of the mouse
while talking on a speaker phone or headset. It’s practically like
working together in the same room, except you have your own choice of
snacks and beverages. :wink: Last week one evening, I spent an hour or
so working with someone online in ArtCAM on a particular project
(that she wanted to learn to do). I also teach Rhino 4 and MoI.

Another option is project- based video tutorials. If you have a
project you’re stuck on. I’ll create the entire model, ready for
milling or RP and then do a step by step video with text that we can
discuss on ShowMyPC. The video is yours to keep and can be referred
to anytime, at your own convenience.

Some CAD jewelers mention that they’re been exposed to tools and
methods that they didn’t even know existed in the program by watching
my videos, so what you learn for one job can be easily utilized the
next time a similar design project comes up.

Elma, if you’d like to contact Ernie about 3Design, his number is on
my blog…he also teaches Matrix and ArtCAM. Anyone wanting more info
about project-based training in Rhino 4, MoI or ArtCAM, can also give
me a call or send an email. I also travel to do CAD/CAM and CNC
training and consultation, so if you’re in Europe or Asia, don’t
hesitate to contact me.