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3D resin prints

i work for a sculptor who would like to have about 100 3D prints done in resin that are miniatures of one of his sculptures. anyone out there in orchid land that can do these for me or recommend someone who can? they would be approximately 1 inch x 1 inch.


Hey Wendy,

Not sure if this would be of interest to you, but we have a Solidscape printer and could discuss doing this for you, but they would be in wax, not resin. Is the intent to have these casted?


I would believe that a general location could be helpful to avoid excessive transport fees.
As well as requirements to the resin.
Wax or if not, hardness, colour and such trivial things.
Happy new year by the way :smiley:

I’m in the US. The items are currently printed in a non-castable translucent UV cured resin. The resin is not colored and is fairly hard. We dip them in color later after cleaning up the castings.

Hope that helps.

  • Wendy

I’m not in the US, but it might be wise to state which region or state you are in as well for shipping cost.

Your choice of resin indicates they are cleaned up and used as is. For display I guess.

Regards Per-Ove

I’m in california. They are jewelry and used “as is” after printing. Some we dip for additional colors.

From here where I am, in the Philippines, the shipping cost would be quite high.
I’m confident there should be others closer to you.
If not, there should be print shops that can do it.

Regards Per-Ove