3D Model Ring Sizing

Good afternoon! I’ve been in the very long process of creating a jewelry brand and I’ve used CAD software to make my models. I recently learned how to create stone-settings and I’ve encountered an issue.

For models with melee, when creating different sizes, what is the industry-standard for scaling? Do I scale both the ring and melee on all three axis or do I only scale the ring on two axis and increase the number of stones, but keep them the same size?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

perhaps post a pic of the ring/ setting you are referring to…
how are the stones “set”?
how many sizes/ what sizes are you wanting to create?


There is no “standard” It is more dependent on what software you are using. If you have a fully parametric product like 3DESIGN or SolidWorks it’s a really simple matter to adjust ring size and the other elements will automatically update in position and quantity. If using Rhino or other non parametric then more difficult. As Widlzrd1 mentioned, we’d have to see the project and know what software you are using to give specific advise. The only rule-of-thumb is to start your project in the middle of your expected size range so you are only going up or down a couple of sizes either way.