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3D Jewelry Design - CAD/CAM services

Hi Catherine,

I tried to contact your friend Joseph but the email was sent back to
me. Could you please forward this info to him?

I am a designer/goldsmith with 15 years of experience working in
custom design retail stores as well as in an independent studio
atmosphere. A few years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of
making jewelry on a computer. I have since become proficient in the
3D modeling systems, Rhino and Matrix. In essence, I’ve expanded my
palette tenfold. In terms of accuracy of detail, symmetry and
sophisticated aesthetic values, I have now the ability to make models
that would impossible to fabricate by hand.

Since the model is made in a 3D software program, wall and shank
thickness, placement of stones, pave work, prongs, etc, can be done
with exact precision, enabling a stone setter to work with the utmost
efficiency and ease.

Though this technology will never replace the traditional artisan, I
have embraced this new tool because it is destined to be part of the
future of jewelry making. Some very notable cutting edge designers
have embraced 3D modeling, as have many design schools. The interest
is growing exponentially. It is an art form for the 21st century.
We do design work, and rapid- prototyping, providing you with a
"wax" model to cast and mold. The material we use is a thermo-plastic
rather than a true wax product, it burns out in an investment mold
like wax. We also work with an excellent casting company familiar
with this material, insuring a good casting and finishing if need be.
We can work from your 3D CAD files, .stl files, sketches, photos or
existing metal models to develop a new model, (or make a particular
style in a variety of sizes).

In terms of exclusivity, our policy is the same as any casting
company. We provide confidentiality, whether we develop the design
per your specifications or you provide the CAD file. It is your
property, we will send you the .3dm file and destroy our copy, or
keep it on file, according to your instructions. If you provide the
CAD file we can send you the wax in three days. If we do the CAD
design, we will show you a preliminary visual model (in .JPG or .BMP
form) within a week.

Please send your phone number if you have any additional questions
or call us at 860-832- 9331. You may also visit our recently updated
web site for more details.

Thank You,
Jesse Kaufman