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[2Rent] [Vermont] Studio space

I have an awesome studio in Vermont and am looking to rent bench
space. The workshop is a fully operating jewelry studio (polisher,
steamer, ultra, bead blaster, electroplater, etc.) All large
equipment is there for use but whoever is renting needs to
providetheir own accessories, buffs, compounds plating solutions,
etc. Renter alsoneeds to have a bench and all own hand tools. If you
have a large piece of equipment I don’t have, I would be more than
happy to make room for it. I have space for two benches. Month to
month lease. $800/mo everything is included (heat, electric, water,
sewer, trash.). Security deposit required. It’s a pretty nice and
laid back setup, located in the back of a bead/jewelry shop. Your
more than welcome to have retail space in the store front.
I’mlooking at potentially being gone 6 months out of the year and
would rather have my studio be occupied than just sitting there
empty. You can go to my website to learn a little about my biz.

I’m putting this out there for everyone and also if anyone has any
ideas of where to advertise besides local newspapers and craigslist
that would be of so much help!