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2nd try graver tip

Well, that lousy mail program made a mess of it, I’ll try it now with
another software:

  _     _____________/

1.5-2mm_ /_________________________ The tip of your graver should look
< ~ 20mm > something like this (hope it will come
through), with the very tip (about 3-4mm) having a slight upward
curve on the bottom made on the oilstone.

Markus, I didn’t get the original message on graver sharpening,
but here a method I use; which seems to work well.

I use only the “Mo-Max” cobalt gravers. These are square shaped
and are extremely hard- but not brittle. If I need an onglette
shape, I carefully round off three corner edges and remove alot
of bulk(this allows for very quick resharpening). I make sure
not to allow the graver to get hot and lose its temper end
hardness.Then I sharpen the “face” angle. If I am engraving on
non-ferrous metals, I use a 45 - 50 degree angle. For harder
metals (ie. stainless or gun metal) I use a 55 degree angle. Then
on the bottom (heel) of the graver I put a gentle rounded angle
(usually no more than 10 degrees). This rounded angle serves two
purposes. First it allows clearance for the graver when making
rounded cuts, and second, it makes the graver tip much stronger.
If I need a flat graver, I do the same thing , except with no
round off of the corners. These gravers are the best I have ever
used, especially for engraving hard gun metals. There are other
so called “cobalt” gravers on the market but they are not nearly
as good as the “Mo-Max” brand. Ken