24k gold hardeners

I’m wondering if there are any hardeners or alloys that will allow me
to get that rich, dark, yellow gold color but make it not as soft as
24k. I want to work in a deep yellow, like Indian jewelry almost, but
wish that it was more resistant to scratches and bending, ect…

Please let me know,


If you are selling in the US you can use a gold alloy called
PureGold this is often refered to as a micro alloy. PureGold is
.9985 fine gold with the balance being calcium and gadolinium. It is
a patented alloy that is only available from
http://www.allpuregold.com/ If you process it properly you will
have a product that can be stamped 24K (in the US) and has the
hardness of a typical 18K yellow alloy. I use it in some of my work
and I love the color of it and it is quite a bit harder than fine
gold. None of the micro alloys I have heard of are something you
could make in a typical studio as they require very pure inert
atmospheres to melt and cast the material so the equipment is quite
expensive. But you can fabricate with it easily and there are a few
casters who can cast it for you here in the US.

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