22K gold supplier

Hi all, Those of you who work with high karat gold and do fused
chains and bezels, who do you currently recommend as a supplier for
this kind of 22K gold alloy? My Jean Stark book recommended Hoover
and Strong. Then I read in the archives (not sure exactly when these
posts were written) about some people having trouble with the Hoover
and Strong alloy and that it was not fusing properly. Sounded like
Hoover was using Jean Stark’s recipe and it was working well at first
and then some people started having problems with it. Allcraft was
then recommended as having a good 22K. Hoover and Strong may have
fixed their alloy but I would appreciate any opinions before I invest
in the gold. I certainly don’t want to invest in gold for the
purpose of fusing and then have it not fuse properly. Thanks for any
info you can offer-Carrie Nunes @t-pnunes

Allcraft has two different 22k mixes that they offer. The one I
use, called the “enriched 22k” works excellently in all ways. They
also produce another 22k for Jean Stark as she seems to prefer a
slightly different alloy. I assume, since she buys it from them,
that it is an ideal fusing gold as well. As the first person to ever
give Hoover and Strong her formula to produce, I can tell you that
over the years something did change in the way they produced it and
we had to stop buying it from them a number of years ago. In all of
their other product, however, I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Another way to get 22K is to buy Krands at your local coin shop they
are 22K and alloyed with copper they work quite well for bezels …I
have never tried to fuse wire made from them but the bezels I’ve
made have fused very well. The upside is you don’t pay the
fabrication fees the downside is you have to melt and then pull wire
or roll bezel …I have much more time then money right now so I
dont mind the extra steps. HTH Ron

22K is to buy Krands at your local coin shop they are 22K 

Hi Ron, You may have an opportunity to clear up a long standing
misconception for me. By “Krands”, I assume you’re referring, in
shorthand, to South African Krugerrands (sp?). I always thought they
were 24k bullion (i.e. fine gold). Have I been mistaken for all these
years? It wouldn’t be the first time…

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

 I assume you're referring, in shorthand, to South African
Krugerrands (sp?). I always thought they were 24k bullion (i.e.
fine gold). 

Dave, Krugerrands contains 1 oz. of 24k gold plus 10% alloy
material. If you were to stack 10 rands on a scale they would weigh
11 oz… Michael Michael@michaelknottdesigns.com

PMWest will make custom golds in grain to order. You can provide the
whole formula, avoiding the guesswork of what might really be in any
given alloy. I am not sure what will fuse best, but we have reports
that jewelers like our 22kt made with 91.67% 24kt about 5% silver and
balance copper-NO ADDITIVES. My experience shows high karat does not
respond well to silicon or boron additives, and are not really needed
anyway. Keith will do any legit karat with any normal (and some not
normal) base metals. Daniel@westworld.com

Hi, I order 22k casting gold from Hoover and Strong. cast it and
rolled it out. I was taking a course with Jean at the time. It
worked great and still does.

Jennifer in Atlanta

Hi Ron, Yes, the South African Kruger rand is an 22ct gold alloy. The
gold is alloyed with copper. The Kruger rand has a gold content of
31.1035 grams of gold ( one troy oz). It is a excellent source of 22
ct gold alloy to be used by the manufacturing jeweller in his work
shop. You can rest assured it is truly 91.66 % gold content.

Regards from South Africa
Looking forward to a world withour war.