22K Gold and Fine Silver Granules for Granulation

I recently took a workshop on granulation and loved it, but I
found making the granulation balls to be difficult and tedious.
Someone in the workshop told me about a supplier of granules,
SPM. I checked into their pricing and was appalled. Soooo… I
told my class I would find and alternate source, and I did.

I had to buy 100 ounces of granules to work this deal out, but I
decided to take the chance and buy them. I assumed that I would
be able to find enough interested jewelers and hobbyists. So
now, after my friends and classmates have taken all they need, I
have a fair number of granules left over. I need to sell them,
because right now I’m deep in the hole.

If you are interested in buying my granules, please get in touch
with me. I’m not sure it’s appropriate to post prices and stuff
on orchid, so I won’t in this message. Someone let me know if
it’s OK for me to post that

I have three sizes of Fine Silver granules: .024", .028", and
.032". My cost is less than half what SPM charges. I also have
two sizes of 22K gold granules: .024" and .032". The gold
granules are about 20% less than SPM also. All the granules are
high quality, uniform to within .001", and visually perfect.

If you want to do granulation and avoid the headache of making
granules, get in touch with me. I don’t know if I’ll be buying
any more, so let me

know asap if you are interested in some of these.


Hi Ellen, I might be interested in buying some small amounts of
your granules if you still have any left. Could you please email
the prices my email add is @suzi_adams. Also could you
tell me what you know about granulation classes I have had
trouble finding any local ones that werent really expensive so I
was thinking about going to this school i saw advertised in NY
the name escapes me now, also do you know of any books or
published material on granulation? I am in love with it and need
more instuction or a book. :> Thanks Suzi

Hi Ellen, I am definitely interested in buying the gold granules. I’ve
purchased granules from SPM once before, and it was such an investment
I’ve been putting it off. I’m now out of them, and would like to get the
medium sized granules. What are your prices for both sizes? I’m in jury
duty now, and can’t get to my computer until Tuesday. Would you mind
calling me? I’ll return your call in the evening, if that’s okay. My
number is (323) 653-5330. I’m in Los Angeles. Thanks!!!