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22k bezel gage?

I am reposting this because no one gave advice. I think that I goofed
and used the wrong subject header. I do not want to repair a chain. It
was given so that I could melt it or use it in some way. I think that
I will use sheet metal (gage?) and partially melt the chain and apply
it in some way to the small pendent. I would like about
gages for approximately a one inch pendent with a squarish stone.


Marilyn, if I understand you correctly and you want to set a stone in
a 22k bezel with a backsheet I would suggest you use 26 gage for both
the bezel and the sheet. Remember that 22k, when alloyed correctly,
can be fused rather than soldered.

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Marilyn, I am not sure I understand your question or what you are
trying to do, but if you are simply asking what is a good gauge for
22k bezel strip, we use either 26 ga or 28 ga for most stone setting
in pendants. This, of course, assumes you don’t want a real heavy
appearing bezel.

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