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220x power Digital Microscope..WOW!

This is to let you know, my dear friends, as a Chanukah and Christmas present rolled into one. I’m now preparing a great new teaching essay. It’s not the regular “do this, or do that”, It’ll be just a mind-boggling observation of what our basic bench tools look like under a 100, 150, 220 power microscope.

I’m calling this microscope simply “An Advanced Educational Tool!” We’ve seen how Cad has evolved, but this might be something useful in years to come, in the educational field.

Have you ever seen your wire-wheels, your Pumice (Pink & Blue) wheels under this fantastic magnification? We just take so much for granted, not any more. You just wouldn’t believe that these are the same tools. Even I was somewhat enthralled on what I was seeing for the first time…or how about your absolutely clean wax used for setting stones. They were actually filthy!!..:>) How about seeing your wax-file to clean your wax forms?..How about a simple Milgrain on your settings? All under 150x (plus) power viewing…“OMG, OY & WOW!”

I’m now just taking more photographs and will use only the ‘best’. My text will be somewhat shortened, but I will rely on only the photographs to speak for themselves. This is like “a little child in a candy store!” I don’t know what else to photograph. Back to having fun!!!..:>)

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This sounds very exciting Gerry. Looking forward to your upcoming photographic essay!



How do you set-up your camera, microscope and computer? to get the photos?

Here is my ultra basic set-up, it looks like an impossible picture studio,
but when I have to have my “hand held microscope” at arms reach to my
laptop & bench, everything has to be very close by, but it works…look at
my screen, that is a 3.0 mm HSS bur…now imagine a 5.00 mm literally
covered the whole screen, and of course, at 175x plus power magnification,
too boot.

*Gerry Lewy *

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Is your “hand held microscope” also a Camera? Does it require additional computer software?

The “hand-held” is only a 220 power microscope. I use my iPhone for picture taking. I have separate systems in place in my laptop. Two different programs.

Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a microscope for your jewelry projects? We recommend: