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2202 agta show miss

people - i will be giving the agta show a miss this year. first,
there is still a slightly tainted taste from the 2001
registrar-from-hell experience. then, when the preregistration
packet arrived in december, it did include a badge - however it was
made out in my partner’s name. now, my partner’s name was not the
one on the substantiating material i submitted for the 2001 badges:
business card, florida revenue tax certificate, identification
photo. he was there with me in whose name all of the above was
listed. not only did i not receive a badge, but it would have cost
$25.00 for me to go as a “guest”. soooo - was he the only badge
recipient because his name was male? no, i cannot say that was the
reason … all i can say is that if the agta attendance was down 20%
in 2001, it does not bode well for an increase in 2002.

do you suppose the very high rent paying vendors are aware of the
impediments agta is imposing on potential buyers before the show
even opens?? don’t look for me at the convention center - ive