22 Yellow gold alloy

Hello folks, I haven’t written or ask any questions lately but I
always read the page. I do now however, have a question. I am
looking for an alloy of 22k yellow gold. I have been using Hoovers,
too yellow. They just sent me a sample of a 22k that is red. It is
coming out next month. It is too coppery, in fact I think it looks
like copper not gold at all. I need to find an alloy that looks
like old gold coins. This is supposed to be about 92% gold and 8%
copper. That is what I have read in a couple of books anyhow. Does
anyone know of a supplier who sells coin 22k? Or any other alloy
that doesn’t have any zinc. I am enameling.

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So If anyone can help me with the gold alloy or my depletion
problems or my enamel issues I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Dennis

Try David H. Fell Co. 800-822-1996 Their ‘Standard’ 22K does not have

Sue Ann Dorman
P.O. Box 110201
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

    anyone know of a supplier who sells coin 22k?  Or any other
alloy that doesn't have any zinc.  I am enameling. 

Dennis, Krugerrands are 22K gold, the gold being alloyed with
copper. Double check with a numismatist or coin dealer to confirm if
there any other metals involved in the alloying.

If you like the color of Krugerrands, this may be your answer. They
skew reddish.

Donna Shimazu

Hi, Dennis, I’m not sure whether this will help, but Hagstoz in
Philadelphia has a number of variations of yellow golds, including a
"light yellow" that has a nice, rich look. You might want to talk to
them. They have been very helpful when I have dealt with them. Good
luck! Noel

Why not just create your own alloy? A little experimentation should
yield the results you wish. 92au/6cu/2ag should produce a deep color,
or possibly 92au/5cu/3ag which is slightly yellower. If you have a
good scale, you can accurately measure small enough quantities to
make very small melts. Rolling the bead out and sanding/polishing it
should reveal the color in perhaps a 1 dwt sample.

Good luck


Other contributors have suggested a blend of silver and copper to
avoid the red from copper alone or the "too yellow’ look of 22k
alloyed with silver, all sound workable. I might suggest 22kt Au,
balance an equal blend of silver and copper. We do custom blends in
all legit karats, one ounce minimum. Copper, Silver, and gold
blended as you wish.

Daniel Ballard


22 kt gold is usually used in Asia especially in Pakistan, India,
U.A.E, . It has a demand in UK and America for Asian People.

Composition for an Alloy is

0.917 Pure gold
0.083 Copper (99.9%)

rest of is Copper or Copper Silver Alloy of 10: 1

i.e. 9 gram Copper
and 1 gram Silver

Ch. Shahzad Younas