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210 brass

Was: Copper spoon project for class

A 210 brass with 95% copper or a 220 brass with 90% copper will
work pretty much like sterling.

Mike and others… where can I locate 210 brass sheet .060"
thick in small quantities?

A few years ago I had a quest to find this material and literally
called all over the country through leads. No luck.

Found one supplier that custom produced [large quanties] for single
customer. Other suppliers listed it but didn’t actually carry…
could order a 4’ x 8’ sheet that would last several lifetimes.

Did order thinner #210 sheet through Thompson Enamel but really need
the.060. What I understand is their supplies are piggy backed
through another customer.

Ended up using McMaster-Carr and settled for 220 brass.

So, no wild goose chases please and no offer of alternate metals
[been there] but would LOVE to know a definite supplier for small
quantities [12x12"]

Karla Maxwell from blue skies So. California

Mike and others......... where can I locate 210 brass sheet.060"
thick in small quantities? 

A quick search on the net

Regards Charles A.

According to the folks at Wikipedia, the alloy of 95%Cu 5%Zn is also
called Gilding Metal. So maybe a search for gilding
metal sheet would find you a supplier where searching for Alloy 210
wouldn’t come up with anything.

Just a notion.