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2002 agta show miss

Ive’s post was interesting. I have had the same nightmare with
AGTA. I haven’t received a badge yet, I’ll have to line up for one at
the show even tho I started in early December faxing the
registration. They certainly do not seem to have their act together.
If the line is long, I will not wait, there are too many other
shows. My badge shouldn’t be such a challenge for them.


To add to your comment: I’ve been going to AGTA for ten years and
they always seem to screw up. This year we preregistered to avoid
the lines and they sent our credentials to my address from four years
ago; so we stand in line again. I very patiently explained last
year they had made a mistake and they did it again. I will go this
year because there are vendors there that I can’t see otherwise
without a lot of trouble. My take on this situation is because of
what I just mentioned AGTA is going down the tubes ( slight
exaggeration ). The energy has shifted to GJX. KPK

All, I am sitting on the fence when it comes to being a supporter of
AGTA. I know many of the members on the floor and know the many
obstacles they face to bring the best of the best to the show each
year. Floor members of AGTA face fierce competition from economic
realities to dangerous suppliers. To be a dealer of the best of the
best you must walk the line between ethics and reality. This dilemma
carries over to the registration process. On one hand they give much
grief to unknown people, but on the other known people breeze
through. It especially irks me when members of the media get ready
access, but a registered dealer gets grief. One way to speed the
registration process is to join the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). A
JBT registration number usually will get you ready access to the
shows. Remember that the registration process is designed so that
only people in the trade can get access to the dealers. AGTA has the
most strict entry requirements. If you have not pre-registered you
can expect an hour + wait. If your credentials are not specifically
what the AGTA desires you can expect more grief.

Gerry Galarneau

Ive, Maybe you shouldn’t take this as such a personal affront and
merely as a clerical error which happens in all organizations. A
simple phone call would have corrected the problem, I’m sure. But
then you might not have anything to complain about. Frankly I
approve of the selectivity the AGTA practices because the quality of
the buying experience, product, and general atmosphere is much more
professional–plus I know they aren’t selling to someone who might
turn out to be a customer of mine too.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Five years ago, when I first went to Tucson, I brought all the
credentials that AGTA said they required. I still ended up having to
see the guy who handles “iffy cases”. Eventually, he said he was
going to have to turn me down, and said it was too bad I didn’t know
an AGTA dealer who could vouch that I was their customer. I quickly
reeled off a list of names of dealers I had been buying from for
years. He sent a runner to one of the dealers, who vouched for me,
and in 5 minutes I had a badge.

Short line into AGTA: Have them send a runner to a dealer who will
vouch for you.

Karen Hemmerle

At Metalwerx, we must spend thousands on stones, precious metals,
pearls, etc. Last year, I got sent to the iffy person too, but
pleaded my case. I also stated about 10 vendors who I purchase from
on a regular basis, and came with credentials. I even showed them
my school brochure with three of the vendors at AGTA who either
taught or sold stones at my school. The “iffy” person said, well,
you could have just printed the brochure. I said, “Look, 10 years
ago I got an AGTA badge as a tiny sole proprieter and as a student.
Now, I run a nationally accredited school, and you think I just
printed this brochure on glossy stock with pictures to impress you”?
The manager of the less “iffy” applicants overheard the discussion
and intervened. He took one look at my credentials, glared at “Mr.
Iffy” and apologized profusely. This year my badge arrived right

Moral…sometimes you have to make a stink. What AGTA should learn?
Today’s students, tomorrow’s customers.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801
Fax: 781/937-3955
Accredited Jewelry Instruction