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20% Vinegar Pickle

I have always used pH down for my pickle and am very happy with it. I have a lot of 20% vinegar compliments of a landscaping project and would like to try it out as pickle. Does anyone use this high a strength vinegar and how does it work? It is very strong smelling and burns a bit if you get it on your skin. I know, both reasons not to use it. Thanks…Rob

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20%?! You could make five minute pickles!

Why yes, my middle name IS “not helping”, how did you know?

It’s what I use to kill weeds… I have a couple gallons and no weeds.

Sounds like the strength of vinegar my Aunt in Norway used for cooking. I watched but didn’t get into working with it. I don’t know if this helps, but she used it to clean her silverware (real silver). She had the best looking table settings at special dinners.

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That sounds very strong, do you have a need for a lawnmower anymore??
I did get some very strong vinegar years ago for an experiment to remove broken screws and drills.
That did not work as the gas bubbles were contained in the oily liquid. An example of more is not always better. The pickle that I have is Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate 0.5Kg/Kg. In my work these days it is more convenient to have it nearby the heated ultrasonic. This way the solution is consistent in strength and the operating temperature is controlled and the use of the timer gives the third ingredient to give (me) control of the work.

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Yes, that is pH down or sodium bisulfate. I use it all the time and am very happy with it. Just wondering about high strength vinegar…Rob

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I have used both. And I found 20% Vinegar and a product known as cleaning vinegar worked well. When I took a small bench to shows cleaning vinegar was the pickle I used. I found it worked better if the metal was immersed longer. I suppose that should be no surprise. And I knew I could spill it and not have to panic. It has a strong smell, not terrible if you like Kosher Dills. I think that is the downside to it.

In my shop I use phdown. Any pool supply , Lowes, Home Depot, Mennard’s, Tractor Supply has it.
It is dependable and safe with care. I mix it fairly strong I suppose but I have not found a downside to it
I have not tried Super-izing it with hydrogen peroxide but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Both products work with the metals I use.


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I have been using regular vinegar and salt for pickle but am interested in the ph down…it would be nice not to have to smell the vinegar! Would appreciate knowing which ph down to buy…I looked on Amazon and it was a bit confusing as there are different labels and I am not sure which to buy. I would like to order as I am not going out to stores at this point…thanks for any help you send my way.

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