[2 clarify] Tumble "finishing" with magnetic tumbler

To clarify some of the recent discussion: A magnetic tumbler or one
with any steel for that matter, only burnishes metal. It needs to be
smoothed with some sort of abrasive first, then burnished if you want
a high polish shiny finish. To get rid of the haze that occurs on
flat or planished surfaces, the final step is to run for a day or two
in some cob meal or wood chip mixture with some polishing compound -
rouge or iron oxide or chrome oxide. It doesn’t do any of us any
good to produce shiny unfinished pieces which is what you get with
just running pieces in steel and calling the job done.

Judy Hoch, Denver and off to the Rosen show in Phily tomorrow.

Judy is right, I Vibratory finish my items in Various cutting medias
using a 1 1/2 cubic foot vibratory machine (about $2500.) Cheaper ,
Smaller systems are available from various suppliers. Then, the items
are run in a magnetic pin polisher to brighten areas that are not
accessible to a polishing wheel. If the item can be finished in Corn
cobb/rouge , we do so. Most of our items require a mirror finish so we
go to hand polishing. here is a picture of one of our stoneset
polished earrings at the address below.

Daniel Grandi