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1st place at the annual Naja tools contest

1st place Student division at the annual Naja tools contest

Hey all…

Thought I would do a little shameless showing off… [sheepish grins]

Pretty excited and honored that I could have won! While not the
biggest contest out there. Still there was some real impressive
competition (Theme is Bolo ties)

This is my first real independent project where I wasn’t doing
somebody else’s design (i. e. class lessons) or just repeating
something that I learned.

Happy to say. NO CAD Involved!

Investment Cast with An Amolite focal stone (quartz cap) and Dino
Bone for the embers/Tips.

The Amolite was Cabbed by Alan Bohl out of Reno NV and the Dino
Bones were Cabbed by Eggars Lapidary out of Golden CO.

Thanks! to both of them for honoring and humoring my requests!

And thank you everybody here for indulging newbees like myself! the
appreciation cannot be expressed! Thank you!


Christopher Lund
Neurascenic - Industrial Design
Sol-Seeker - Aspiring Fine Art jewelry

Congratulations on your accomplishment! I’m very glad you shared the
news and pictures with us. Beautiful work and I really like the
"land and sea fossil" combination.

Well done!

Congratulations, Christopher - REALLY innovative design, there!

Linda in central FL

Congrats. can’t wait to see where you go from here. Keep dreaming
and making jewelry.

Congrats Chris! Very nice work!


Thanks everybody! I appreciate the kudos and the encouragement.

I definitely got the bug. Now I just have to figure out how to do it
faster. At my rate, the gods couldn’t afford my stuff.

Be mailable!
Christopher Lund