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1970's Bracelet: How's it made?

Hi all!

Ive been scouring the web for interesting chain links and came across this beauty. The inlt information that i have is that it was made in the 70’s by a Danish gold smith. I’m attempting to deesign my own version and was wondering if anyone had insight on what it might be called or how the links are connected.

My thoughts are that it might be similar to the joining used in an omega chain or if the links are hollow there might be an internal loop similar to a tennis chain?


The links are likely hollow and strung on an internal chain. It could be constructed like a tennis bracelet, but that would be much more labor intensive.

It’s an omega chain. Can be purchsed from most most chain companies. Machine made.

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Yes, an Omega, or what we called Clad Mesh with an outer cover made from sheet, wrapped over an inner bracelet of mesh.

I just did a contract using 2 well made Omegas, adding Emerald stations, and putting the two Omegas on 1 box clasp, so the they are one bracelet.

A well made Omega is a pretty nice piece of jewelry, although not something I would wish to make myself.


See the following from the archives…Rob