1950 Electric rolling mill

I am lucky enough to have a blacksmith friend who loves to poke
through used machine shops. He found an electric rolling mill
(broken gears) for $200 and knew I was just the person to have it!
He not only brought it to his shop, but he fixed it up for me, had
the machinist across the way take the rust off the rollers and even
them out, and for a total of $350 (I paid his workers) I am now the
proud owner of a circa 1950 electric rolling mill with flat and wire
rollers. Of course, I can never move because the machine barely
made it into the above-ground basement! All this to say that used
machine shops can be a great source of equipment.

Donna in SF
dzines by donna - @dmblow

How Lucky Donna, does your blacksmith friend sell any tools or a
regular basis an would you mind sharing the name of the machinist? I
have to stakes I need to have refinished. Thanks.