18KY Gold prong settings

Hi folks,

I’m making a 2-tone 18k/Argentium ring for a friend with a delicious
2.1 ct Australian sapphire and I need a low base 18ky roundfour-prong
crown type setting for it. The stone is 7.55mm so a 1.5ct diamond
setting would be perfect. But after a long time spent checking
Stuller, Otto, and several smaller suppliers it appears that no one
makes them over 6.5mm in 18k yellow. Do any of you know of a source
for 18 yellow prong settings in larger size? Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried Hoover and Strong yet? 1-800-759-9997. I am not
positive, and the color maybe their 18kt Royal yellow, which leans
in on 22kt Yellow’s color. It is one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure
they have bezel tubes in 18kt Royal Yellow in that size. Don’t know
if I just wasted your time, hope not. Thomas III

Douglas- Have you called Stuller and asked for this particular crown
to be special ordered in 18k? I often find that they are more than
willing to make findings in any of the metals they have on hand. It’s
also usually a very quick turn around time.

Jo Haemer

Call Myron Toback in NY. 1-800-223-7550

You can also download their current catalog from their website,

Also borel in San Francisco

Hey Douglas,

you said you need a crown setting. How 'bout make it yourself? I’m a
virtual beginner, and after a bit of advice from people here, I’m
making some lovely crown settings myself. Is your stone round?

My stones have all been either oval or much harder square cushion
cut. So if a determined beginner like me can make nice crown settings
for oval and cushion-shaped stones, you could easily make one for a
round stone. The people here gave me very helpful advice. Including
Leonid. His advice wasvery helpful.Coming from the horse industry, I
just think of Leonid as one of those slightly-grouchy old-school
master trainers who might make you cry during a lesson " and maybe
curse him a bit after the lesson " but you will always be able to
take away something very useful from his teachings, even if you don’t
agree with it all. Actually, there are too many here to mention who
you can ask who will gladly help you make it yourself if you just
ask. Orchidians, remember how awesome you areto help all of us.


Hi there,

Thanks for the advice everyone.

After thinking about it all day I decided just to modify the design
a bit to incorporate a handmade 18k wire setting. The silver
prototype I made yesterday looks great as such. Now for the real
piece. I’ll be sweating bulets when I start notching the prongs for
real but I do love a challenge. It’s a real honor to work with such
a beautiful stone… 2.1 ct of perfectly cut unheatedblue :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
Douglas @ Eclipse Designs

Try Rio Grande! We can special order larger size mountings in 18K.

Dawn Nials
Findings Product Manager