18k white gold palladium findings

Dear orchidians, Does anyone know of a supplier for 18KW
palladium tube settings for 2.5mm stones. I just got an order for 4
rings in 18KW palladium which I have never worked in before and have
only been able to find 14KW settings in every catalog I have
checked. Also are there any special issues I should be aware of when
soldering the palladium alloy as with a nickle alloy? Do I quench it
right after soldering or wait until it cools first? Any help or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

Mark Sanne
16 McGuirk St.
East Hampton, NY 11937

Imperial Smelting in Canada has an excellent 18k white alloy in
whatever form you want. I would get either 4.5 mm tubing or rod(then
drill it out) and solder it together. It requires no special

Spike Cornelius
Portland, Or.
RC ArtMetal