18k to Silver sweat soldering problems

Hello all in Orchidland:

I’m have a strange problem sweat soldering 18k yellow gold to a
sheet of silver, which I don’t recall happening before. I coated the
underside of the 18k with med silver solder, and then proceeded to
’sweat’ the piece onto a sheet of sterling. The solder at some point
in this second heating seemed to ‘alloy’ into the 18k. Should I have
used a softer or harder solder? Any other suggestions? Thanks in
advance for input and wisdom.

Regards, Ted

I’ve had this happen before with 14KY. A fellow jeweler recommended
a harder silver solder which works. In most cases I use plumb medium
gold solder when soldering gold to silver.


Hello Ted,

I do a lot of Silver to gold soldering, usually Fine Silver to 22k
yellow gold. I learned to ALWAYS use gold solder. For the very reason
you found to be a problem. The silver solder melts into the gold if
you overheat ever so slightly. I don’t know enough about metallurgy
to give you the scientific explanation. I just know what happens from
years of observation and practice. I trust other Orchid members will
write in to enlighten us!

Yes it seems to cost more to use the gold solder but not in the long
run since you won’t ruin your pieces.

Fredricka Kulicke


It sounds to me as if the smaller piece of gold recived more heat
than the sheet of silver. Solder will stay or go to whatever is

Marilyn Smith