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18K red gold alloy

Has anyone made red gold with 25% copper? What are the working properties? Nice color? It will be for a piece with white gold and yellow gold, so I thought 25% Cu would give the best color contrast. Is this a common alloy for a red gold?

Also interested in working props of 14K with only gold and copper. Any reason to add silver if I am looking for good color contrast?

Thanks for any input!
Janet in Jerusalem

Hi Janet, The color will be great. When you anneal it, quench it immediately. Have fun, tom

Have been using Progold red gold alloy for a while now and it works great.

Echoing Tom Arnold…
If you don’t quench it immediately then as it cools you will hear, ping, ping, ping sounds coming from the metal. That will be the sound of cracks forming. Hundreds of them, though they will be hard to see through the tears in your eyes!

I will be quenching in alcohol as soon as the red turns to black…:-)…

Anyone have suggestions for **14**K red? Is no silver OK?

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi Janet, No silver is fine but quench it as soon as you take the torch away. Don’t wait. have fun. tom

I make my own. No Progold in my country…:-)… Do you know the composition?

Janet in Jerusalem

I’ve been messing with an alloy compound from Precious Metals West…
I use 50% 18K Yellow & 50% 18K Red (I think they call it "Russian Red"
It comes out with the most beautiful , gentle red, distinct from anything else I’ve used (tried the same in 14 K, Same result but maybe a bit redder…).
Fabricates easy, no cracks, no deep oxides. It also doesn’t do the rose gold “Slump” if too much heat is applied.
It may not be your solution but It’s worked well for me.