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18K or 22K Yellow gold?


I need some advice from this forum. I have these crazy series I do
where I coil wire, heat it to slump it, and put stones in. I have
been doing them for over a year in Sterlium. They slump and fuse

Recently I decided to up my game and try them with 18KT yellow gold
thinking it would fuse like the Sterlium. I am finding that to not
be the case. I seems a bit more brittle and is unpredictable in how
it slumps! Would I get better fusing from 22KT yellow or am I doing
something wrong with the 18KT yellow? Thoughts? I am using 18KT
Royal Yellow from Stuller if that helps.




I would love to see some pictures of your work!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL


Gold, especially high karat, has a high melting temp. Much closer to
the melting point before slump or fusion. Might try paste flux and a
big brushy flame