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18k inlay in Platinum

Hi All, any tips on how to get the best color contrast with 18ky
inlaid in platinum? I’ve recently made a pair of wedding rings -
platinum bands, carved with a vine/leaf design about 1 - 1 1/2 mm
wide. I did all the finish work on the band and then I flooded the
carving with the 18ky melting and flowing wire throughout and then
sanded/polished smooth. I’ve tried several finishes but they are all
quite subtle looking in the end. Tried - sanding, sandblasting, steel
wool. I’m wondering about etching the gold with the idea that it would
(would it) bring the gold surface to a little below the platinum
surface and give more contrast that way. Thanks, Michelle

michelle, one thing I did was to achieve a high contrast was to
stipple the gold. If you are not familar with the operation I will
describe it. Take a hammer handpiece and mount in it either a
diamond tipped tool that will fit in the handpeice or, if you have a
handpiece that will accept tools, mount a steel tool that has been
sharpened to a point (and polished). Go over the surface of the gold
with this tool. The harder the impact the more texture you will
achieve and the longer lasting the effect will wear.

Larry Seiger

My approach would be to use 22k instead of 18k,the contrast is

I have found good results in18k pt with scotch bright scouring pads
that you find in drug stores as cleaning supplies,this is easy to do
and you can tell the owner of the ring what to use to keep up thew
finish.One more thing is a little heat ,lay it on the cover of a wax
pot over night,this may be temporary but it helps bring out the