18k discoloring

Hi all, In reply to the person that has an 18k ring that turns
the finger green. A nunber of years ago I made a diamond and
opal ring for a customer. After the lady had worn it for about
one month she complained that it turned her finger black/green.
Their complaint was that I had not used “real gold”, as they were
let to believe that gold would not turn, but brass would. The
mount that I used came from one of the most honest manufactures
around. I contacted a gentleman that was at that time president
of our local craftsman guild and he suggested the following
possibilities: High acid in system, caused by eating high acid
foods, tomatoes, oranges, etc. Certian medications will cause
this to occur. If the person is under stress or pressure, work
or home it till cause it. I have also found that pregnancy will
also cause gold to discolor in some women, as it will cause an
imbalance it ones system. In the case of the ring I made, all of
the above were factors. She was on medication,severe
stress(husband lost job), was pregnant, and loved tomatoes. Hope
this will help, Look for one or all of the symptoms. Washing
hands with baking soda may also help