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18 ct. Rose gold

Hi Everybody,
I have 8gr.22ct yellow gold and want to melt for 18 ct. rose gold. How much and which exactly alloys I should add?.

He problem as I see it is that 22kt is not pure so you do not know what alloys are there. Copper makes rose gold rose…but there are also other trace alloys that usually are mixed into it for different uses.
Silver gives a light green color to pure gold.

8 gr of 22k is equal to 7.3333 grams of pure gold.
to bring that to 18K (.75)(X)=7.3333 7.3333/.75= 9.7777 gr (X is the final weight of the 18K)
if you add 1.777 gr of alloy to 8 gr of 22K you will get 18K.
to try to achieve rose gold I would use pure copper and (sorry) hope for the best!
I am not sure if there will be enough red (copper) to achieve a rosy color.

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