16x12 pear shape setting?

Hi folks.

I’m looking for a ring setting for a 16x12mm pear shape amethyst,
preferably in white gold, for my sister. She drooled all over the
stone, so I thought it would make a cool gift. But, I’m not having
much luck with my usual sources or web surfing. 16x12mm ps is
apparently rather larger than commonly found in ring stock. So, I’m
coming you ya’ll for help.

Contact me off list if you prefer.

Dawn B. in Taylor, Texas

PS: Keep my 2yr old in your hearts, she is getting over her 2nd
fight with pnuemonia in less than a month.

You may need to check with Hoover and strong or perhaps Stuller and
see if they have the correct head. Then you can get a premade shank
with or without side stones etc. and put it all toghether. good Luck