16 years, 8 Months and 15 Days

Ganoksin is online for 16 years, 8 Months and 15 Days, Tell us
please how did Orchid and Ganoksin impact your jewelry career ?

Alan Revere :

Ganoksin connected me to many colleagues whom I would never have met

Carrie Nunes :

It has connected me with the most talented and generous people. Made
one of my best friends through Orchid in the beginning and we have
traveled to visit one another through the years. It has given me
many teachers that have helped me solve technical problems with my
work. I read through the archives frequently. Even a post from many
years ago can solve a problem I am facing at my bench today. Some of
our members have passed over the years yet their contributions are
still there in the archives and I am so grateful. You can feel
isolated sometimes working on your own and Orchid gave me a
community if like minds. Thank you.

Teresa Masters :

Friendships and sharing. I know I have seen many of those years.
Best of all, meeting and knowing you.


Jane Walker :

Allan and Theresa both so right - and I’ll add the joy of finding
people so willing to help each other, and the sheer value of the

Mike Sabo :

Orchid is the one site I visit everyday. It is my morning ritual to
sit with my cup(s) of coffee and savor every word.

You see, I am self taught. In the Orchid world I am allowed to walk
among “giants”. I have learned an incredible amount here AND have
been encouraged to push the boundaries and my comfort level.

I too have “met” some incredible artists here. While unable to
"shake their hand" in the physical sense, they have inspired growth
and new levels of skill and understanding in my pursuit of the

Thank you one and all for this site. Without it I am not sure that I
would have expetienced the progress that I have seen in my work.

Joyce A. Thor :

Wow! Ganoksin is the first place I go when I have technique or
reference questions and began following a little over 15 years ago.
Thanks Ganoksin!

Isaac Kelly Aryeetey :

I am from Ghana, Ganoksin Projects have greatly impacted my life as a
goldsmith. I am most grateful for the good works of Ganoksin.

Adam Bartl :

Greatly, a huge sorce of and inspiration befor
adventuring my self in this career.

I’m still pretty new at this, but I’m not sure I would be where I am
without all the support and encouragement (and tips and answers) from
all the people here. Thank you very much for creating and nurturing

Sincerely, Sheri Clark

Ganoksin is online for 16 years, 8 Months and 15 Days, Tell us
please how did Orchid and Ganoksin impact your jewelry career ? 

Without the support and knowledge of the community I would not have
been able to do what I have done.

Regards Charles A.

Orchid with Ganoksin is the best group I’ve ever joined. Hanuman
gave me the initiative to get my “Gerry’s Blog” active.

His intuition was remarkable in through my essays we have helped
many up and coming jewellers everywhere.

I have now linked up my “Gemsettingtutor (dot)com” site to this Blog
as well! In closing, Orchid is far better than any other sites around
the jewellery internet. I would have been at a total loss without

May we all be around to learn and enjoy the next 16 years.


Congratulations! I haven’t been a member of the forum for anywhere
near that long, but have enjoyed it every day.

I don’t know about an impact on my career as such, but have learned
a lot.

Besides the technical an important part about being a
member is knowing that I am connected to like-minded people, that I
am not alone in my studio.

Noralie Katsu

I have been a silversmith and lapidary for forty years and pretty
much been on my own for most of them. Since becoming a part of
Ganoksin a couple years ago, I have found a big pool of like minded
people who freely offer help, advice, and occasional entertainment
that is invaluable to me. I look forward again to reading my email
each morning.

Rob Meixner

With deepest gratitude I share and pass along posts almost daily. My
education growing with all of your generous responses.

Many thanks,
Margie Mersky

Orchid gives me a window to the world of jewelry, the ability to ask
questions of many of the best and brightest people of the jewelry
world. I have met so many people, other artists, industry people and
subcontractors, through Orchid and Orchid events. Orchid has conected
me to people I would never have been able to meet otherwise most of
whom, like me, find it hard to be away from my studio unless it is a
business opportunity. The Orchid forum gives me something to look
forward to every morning, like the morning paper, where I can see
what others are talking about. Some of the people on the forum are
friends and some are antagonists but in any case I love to read what
you are asking or answering and I love to chime in when I have
something to offer. In the pre-Facebook era Orchid was the only game
in town for meeting other studio rats and the forum archives are a
source of for the jewelry trade/art/industry which I
routinely mine. I feel like Orchid has given me so much. Thank you
Hanuman and Ton.

Sam Patania, Tucson

Very important source of good and good people.

I have met plenty of live orchid members since 1997-ish.

It’s the best jewellery site on the internet bar none.

Kudo’s to Hanuman and Ton.

I have totally enjoyed my several years, so far, in the forum. I have
learned so much. From the bench tube videos, to the individual artist
collections, to the expressive and instructional interactions in the
on line forum, Ganoksin and Orchid have been a valuable asset in my
education and development as a jeweler. Thanks to all for the
knowledge and inspiration.

John Atwell Rasmussen, Ph. D., AJP
Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC


before I thought I knew a lot about jewellery.

Now I do. Best resource ever.

Improves my skills with every edition.

Also great place for an argument LOL.

Xtines Jewels

I read Orchid daily! It has been a source of inspiration,
and my introduction to a great group of metal smiths
world wide! Thank you, Hanuman, I can hardly believe it’s bee up so
long- I’ve been here nearly from the start.

Melissa Veres, engraver

Living in a very small, rural agricultural area, Orchid has connected
me to fellow jewelry-makers from around the world - something that
would NOT have happened otherwise! The breadth and depth of knowledge
shared is amazing, and has definitely taken my work to new levels. It
has also connected me to suppliers I would not otherwise have known
about. I now have friends around the world due to Orchid, and the
chance to view some of the best work being created on a daily basis.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I been reading Orchid for over 2 years and in that short time I’ve
gotten ideas from reading others posts from solving back problems to
the best way to finish a piece of jewelry.

I’ve also posted a few questions myself and have benefited from
others answers to my questions.

Thank you to all who take the time to post worthwhile and honest


Ganoksin & Orchid have made the world of metal and jewelry, in
particular, feel like a neighborhood. It is a place that we can
virtually click onto-- much like taking a stroll in downtown SF or
the hallway of our building. Got a question-just ask. Got the
answer- just post Many times we have used this as a viable resource,
as well a starting acamaraderie with fellow poster. This reminds of
us of the old days at Linzer Manufacturing, where the was much
collective input. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned metalsmith,
this site is unique and very valuable to all of us.

As our Italian cousins would say–"Il sito e importante ed e una
risorsa inestimabile per grandi e piccini! Tante grazie Hauman & all!

I just did a quick search and discovered that my first post to
Orchid was July 2, 1997, almost 16 years ago.

Since that first post, I have rarely missed reading the daily Orchid

Orchid has connected me to many new friends. In fact, I am getting
together with an Orchid member from California later this week as she
passes through Calgary on her vacation travels.

The Orchid community is filled with dedicated people who are
generous with their knowledge. I have received advice over the years
that has helped me solve many technical problems ranging from
goldsmithing issues, to sourcing tools or materials to tips on
restoration of silver hollow ware.

I look forward to watching Orchid grow for another 16 years and

Milt Fischbein
Calgary, Canada

I been reading Orchid for over 2 years and in that short time I've
gotten ideas from reading others posts from solving back problems
to the best way to finish a piece of jewelry. 

Well said Scott, I feel the same way, learn a lot from everyone here
at Orchid, thank you.


Orchid- Teaching old dogs new tricks for 16 years 8 months and 15

Thanks for all that you do.
Jo Haemer

With gratitude, from a sixteen year plus reader: The benefits of the
exposure to the spectrum of individuals, their questions and
responses and offered on Ganoksin by Hanuman and Ton are
beyond measure, and almost beyond simple thanks.