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14kt and Chrysoprase ring


I hope someone can give me some guidance on a ring I just recently
saw for sale.

It is a vintage (from 1925) 14kt gold hand carved ring set with a
Chrysoprase oblong (set end up, so that the stone points upwards)
and am not too familiar with the value of Chrysoprase, although I
really like its looks.

The stone is bright emerald green and translucent. To the naked eye
there are not dark spots or inclusions. It is very clean and also
very polished and shiny, not worn. It weighs (by calculation) 2.7
carats and measures 10mm x 7mm. It is bezel set in a 14 kt gold
tooled (flowers and stems) band measuring 6mm around the stone
tapering to about 5mm. The face of the ring measures 21mm x 9mm and
rises 10mm above the finger. The ring weighs 8 grams, the shank is in
great shape and is thick not worn down.

It is really unusual and very beautiful. They are asking $330.00 for
this ring.

I know to read a description like this it is not the same as to
actually see the ring in person, but based on these parameters, do
any of you know about what I should look for to make an evaluation of
this ring and how much I should pay for it?

I am not buying it for resale; I just want to add it to my
collection of unusual rings.

I will be very grateful for any ideas, guidance you could give me.



Chrysoprase is very inexpensive. 8 grams of 14K gold would cost $50
to $60 for the raw gold. Everything else is labor, creativity,
overhead, and profit. It sounds like you really, really like the
item. The price does not sound unreaonable. When you find something
which you really, really like and can afford, BUY IT ! If you wait,
it might be sold. If you feel comfortable doing it, you can always
ask (gently) if you can get a better price. Some sellers (certainly
not all) expect, and are willing to haggle a little. But if the
answer is ‘no,’ just buy it ! Just my opinion. David Barzilay, Lord
of the Rings

Laura - As you’re not looking to buy for re-sale, I would think your
own aesthetic is the prime factor here. As far as the stone is
concerned; that is no way a large size or exceptional condition for
flawless chrysoprase. The gold “value” also is not a real
determinant. If you are trying to determine “worth” based on value
(resale?) then it doesn’t look “good”. Otherwise, does it please
you? Does it make you want to wear it and touch it?

I hope this helps.
Jim Small
Small Wonders


If it is beautiful to you, you want it, can afford it and would be
delighted to show it to others then it’s worth the money.

Remember that reselling the ring will never bring you in the
original investment and that from its original owner several people
may have passed it through their hands, each making a profit from the

Chrysophrase is a fairly common and thus worth very little. Much of
it - especially the very brightly colored material - is dyed.

To me it sounds like a bargain.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Hi everyone, Thanks to all who answered my question about the
chrysoprase ring. I did go ahead and buy it and am glad I did,
although I paid about half that amount for a antique diamond (vvs1 -
1/4 carat) ring about a month ago!! Oh well, I think it is beautiful
and that is what I am looking for, beauty and originality.

Thanks for helping me to make the decision and thanks for aiding me
in my own education about jewelry!