14K white gold beads and clasps

Has anyone found a good source for 14K white gold beads, other than
plain round? DRS now carries 3 and 4 mm roundels, but other than
that it’s slim pickins’. Can’t find much of a selection of clasps
either, except for the filigree fishhooks and a couple others that
aren’t very exciting. I’ve checked Stuller, Southeast, Rio and a
many others.

While we’re on the subject, has anyone ever seen French wire in 14k
yellow or white gold? I just never liked the idea of finishing off a
nice pearl strand with a 14K clasp and “yellow metal” French wire!
(Personally I prefer the finished look of French wire to leaving it
plain or using bead tips.)

I figured if anyone knew, one of you would!

Thanks, Cindy