14K Gold Vs. Black Hills Gold

Hi. I am new to this pretty much too, and have a lot to learn.
There is so much here in this one spot, it is wonderful. I
have always wondered about the difference between “regular” 14K gold,
and Black Hills gold. I’m sure it is an alloy of some kind, but
what? Thanks. Syl

Black Hills gold is a trademarked product. I believe it is now known
as Stamper Black Hills Gold. It is usually 10 karat and the average
atricle is usually a product made up of leaves and grape clusters, in
pink, green and yellow gold alloys. I expect others will offer fine
points on this. . . :slight_smile:

David L. Huffman

Black Hills Gold is more descriptive of the design than the gold it’s
self. I’m guessing that Stamper is a manufacturer like Landstroms and
the multitude of others belching out the grape leaves. It is still
known as Black Hills Gold and will be forever, this is too good of a
marketing scheme for them to give up.