14k and stainless soldering

I have a custom peice that I am working on that combines 14kY and a
high carbon stainlees steel (17-4).

I would like very much to solder the peices together rather than
using a cold joint technique like rivets. However, the flux is
causing the stainlees to oxidize and not allowing the solder to

Does anyone have a recommendation as to how to solve this problem?

You need to use “Black Flux” Handy and Harmon’s version is called
B-1. It is a boron modified flux for difficult oxides like chromium
in the stainless. You can order it from Rio (part # 504-088) or your
local welding supply probably has it. With it you can solder
stainless steels with ease. Use it only with good ventilation as it
contains both fluorides and potassium hydroxide.

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I’d like to know too. I think I used to solder gold to stainless,
maybe using a special paste flux I purchased at the welders supply
and using extra easy solder, but I don’t remember, it’s been so many

here’s a link that discusses it from a dental perspective, mention
is made of “turbine solder” which melts at about 600� C. and gives it
alloying ingredients.

Looking forward to this thread.

Jeffrey Everett

Philip, I am not 100 per cent sure, but I think that black flux will
do the job. Regular flux - Batterns etc. - won’t work for steel.

Best, Will

Go to a welding supply, ask for “Handy Flux - Type B1” – this is a
black paste flux and works well with stainless…


Go to any welding shop & pick up some of the stainless welding flux
that is used to silver braze stainless steel. It is very aggressive
(avoid getting it on you!), but works well (I have used it on problem
gold joints at times when I was frustrated & not getting things to
flow!). Mark Chapman Whitewolf Jewelry Arts

 Does anyone have a recommendation as to how to solve this

Try using Black Flux which will hold up longer and protect the steel
from oxidizing before the solder flows. Joe Dule

I took a knifemaking class ages ago. We used brazing rod to attach
brass to our steel knives.

I don’t remember all the details, but I bet a quick look at knife
making books or websites would have all the details you want.


The best flux I have found is “Activatec 1000” it can be purchased
from Eutectic Corp N94 W14355 Garwin Mace Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI
53051 800-558-8524 or www.eutectic-usa.com. They have all types
of fluxes for anything you want to solder or braze. Good luck

There is a special Flux for stainless steel. Ask the dental
department of your suppliers. I think they use the stuff. I only came
across it years ago and it worked.