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I would like to wish all a Happy New Year 2001, and to thank
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I thought it would be a refreshing start to put up together 14
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I am truly hope that you would enjoy these galleries as much as
I enjoyed putting them together.

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Adrean Bloomard

Adrean Bloomard’s work expresses strength and simplicity of
shape. He mainly works with precious metals such as gold and
silver, and makes use of precious stones to enhance the beauty
of the pieces. His work is inspired by architecture and
generally by what surrounds him in his everyday life and is
characterized by different textures achieved in the surface of
the metals as well as by the contrasting use of different metal
colours. He aims to explore form, texture, movement and colour.

Brian Saynor

Metalwork & Jewellery Design and Multi-Media Artist

Dale Lee

Angels named Angel Annabeth

Iwan Royon

I am both jeweller-goldsmith and dental technician. My father
is an artist and I try to combine these tree things to make
something original. I hope You like it.

Julia A. Varady

I am a 29 year old female designer living outside of
philadelphia. I work for my parents jewelry business, and I am
the sole designer, repair person for the business. the first
piece is a 27 carat pink tourmaline set with approximately .75
carat of mele diamonds in a hand fabricated 14k white gold
mount. the second piece is a custom cut agate from Richard
Henson of Arrowhead Gems featuring the pyramids of giza in 14 k
yellow and white gold with a representative of the sun on the
bail in 14k yellow gold with a rose gold crescent and white
gold rays. This piece was also hand-fabricated out of sheet

Kim Poenisch

Silver Precious Metal Clay

Laurence Veska - Silver Ring

The design process in my jewellery-making typically evolves
during the construction process itself. I like to fabricate
separate components and experiment with how they fit together,
a loose “mix and match” if you prefer. Being a
geologist-gemmologist-jeweller, I am strongly influenced by the
properties of the stones I use in my work, this being reflected
in the final balance I choose in the combination of gem, silver
and gold in my pieces.

Lisa Gallagher

I�m an artist in my early 30s, and my husband & I currently
live in a small town near Heidelberg, Germany, although we are
American & plan to return to the US within a couple of years. I
work in a wide variety of media, but in the last few years I
have focused mainly on jewelry making. Currently, I am studying
goldsmithing at the well-known Goldschmiedeschule (goldsmithing
school) in Pforzheim, Germany. One theme that I try to maintain
throughout all of my work, no matter the medium, is simplicity
and classic elegance. I like to think that a piece I have made,
although sometimes combining techniques or styles in different
ways still has a classic appeal and will be enjoyed for years to
come. That includes my jewelry, where my favorite techniques
have been used for thousands of years, such as enameling &
filigree. I love these two techniques, I think, because I enjoy
jewelry making as an “art”, not just a “skill”. I enjoy the
techniques that allow one to create unique works of art that,
for jewelry, just happen to be wearable! In these photos you can
see a sampling of my work. Techniques used for these pieces
include filigree, repousse, granulation, seed bead weaving, and
basic fabrication. All pieces shown were totally made by hand
(chains, settings, findings, etc) and all are constructed in
either fine or sterling silver, although I do sometimes work in

Nancy Bernardine-Widmer

Nancy Bernardine-Widmer dropped out from the corporate world in
1993 to make jewelry and cuts stones on a full time basis. She
is self taught, but was fortunate to work with a master for
several months who passed on a wealth of and tips.

Over the last seven years her work has changed from simple
geometric designs in brass and silver with oval and square
stones to gold and silver designs with hand cut free form
cabochons and faceted stones. All her work is hand fabricated
and most is one of a kind pieces with just a few limited
editions created each year.

Marion Margoshes


Michael Sturlin - Crochet Necklaces

Jewelry Artist Michael David Sturlin, is a member of The
Society of North American Goldsmiths, and the Jewelry Design
Professionals’ Network. Michael has been creating fine jewelry
since 1975, and his work is exhibited with select Jewelry Art
Galleries nationwide.

Rita Marcangelo

Rita Marcangelo’s work is inspired by natural forms and
expresses delicacy and fragility. She mainly works in precious
metals and enjoys achieving different colours and textures in
gold and silver, although she has recently begun to explore the
use of alternative materials, such as plastic and paper. She
makes jewellery which conveys feminility and sensuality and her
aim is to create jewellery that women enjoy wearing and

Ruth Coriat -Sensuality

	The essence of two souls, in "Harmony"
	A colloquy of emotions, in "Emotivity"
	Where feelings have a language, in "Sensuality"
	No fearing, "Fecundity"
	In the endless hope of "Fertility"
	With The Creator in "Germination"

Ruth Coriat - Mix Media