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14 karat yellow gold turning pink aftrr solder! Help

Hey guys!

Doing a project, and i needed to solder the bail on.

After some soldering that went a little overboard i do feel my piece has a pink hue that my pickle cannot get rid off! Has been in a hot pickle for an hour with “vitrex”

You can see comparison from other pendant just Carsten to the soldered piece with the bail! :frowning:

Did try cover with boric acid and isopropyl alcohol, and blanka to avoid oxidation.

Any suggestions to give it the yellow colour back?

Did you happen to use steel tweezers in your pickle? This will cause copper dissolved in the solution to deposit itself on your work. You can get it off with a hydrogen peroxide based pickle solution. Here are Peter Rowe’s detailed instructions on mixing and use: Pickle Solution for Cleaning Jewelry » Juxtamorph » United Artworks


Looks like a copper blush. I usually get it off of silver with some fine steel wool as it is very thin but your work is a lot more detailed than mine so I can see the appeal of chemically stripping it.
Also change your pickle, might be contaminated with a bit of iron.

I’ve removed the copper blush from gold using clean citric acid pickle and 3% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy. I typically use a 50/50 mix, but I know there are others that use less hydrogen peroxide.

The solution works more effectively when it’s warm. Take care not to leave your piece in too long as it will etch the surface. It’s been my experience that it should remove the copper in a minute or less. When done, neutralize the piece in baking soda and water. The hydrogen peroxide solution can be poured back into your pickle pot.



Set it, polish it and it will be fine.

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Maybe this can help; try borax acid and denatured alcohol mixed as a paste, apply to the piece, and heat up with your touch until the paste starts boiling, then wash and steam. If needed, you can do this process again. I hope this works!

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Add some hydrogen peroxide to the pickle. That wil take care about the pink color.
Most likely caused by entering something made out of iron in the pickle.

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