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1340Gallery scam

I have been recently approached by this so called gallery that told
me that I have been pre selected by their jury for their printed
issue and competition, etc. etc. They provide link to upload your
work, with an option of paying either $20 for 1 or $30 for 4 images
submission (none of these was mentioned in the original email). Their
website looks pretty good, however there are several thing that
raised red flags for me. One is that according to them 100% of all
the artwork sales go to the artist. I was tempted to write back to
them and ask if they are funded by Bill Gates foundation, but instead
decided to share this with the community to save you time and also to
prevent them from fixing the few weird things and becoming more
successful con artists…Another weird thing is that although they
claim to have 2 physical galleries in Amsterdam and Italy, I found no
evidence that they actually exist. The google street view search of
the addresses showed a residential building in Amsterdam and farm
land in Italy.




Thank you for kindly taking the time to alert us
to this scam. These obnoxious folks must be
stopped and put in their place.
I appreciate the heads up!

Think twice before posting

Think twice, please

Google street view does not necessarily reflect reality, it is merely a tool, it is not flawless