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110v to 220v

Will, having moved from Canada to Spain, I can tell you that most
studio items work fine on transformers, just make sure that the
output of your transformer matchs what your appliance needs. The big
problem is with equipment with motors because of the change from US
60htz to European 50hts, it puts more stress on your motors when
they run slower. In the kitchen, even the microwave did ok on
transformer but its clock was slower. My sewing machine needed more
rest because it heated up. The worst part was that I burned up my
polisher. I’d recommend that if you use a polisher much, you get one
in 220v, that’s what I did. On things like the flex shaft, don’t use
it for too long a time at one go, feel the motor and give it a rest
when it starts getting hot.

Donna in VA