10X10 event tent

It’s time for me to buy a 10X10 tent for my next outdoor show. My last tent was purchased before any of the current EZ UP type tents appeared on the market. I am looking for recommendations. I would like to be able to completely enclose the tent for nighttime storage and security and then have the option of closing off various sides for weather concerns. I don’t anticipate needing to hang anything from the tent frame. The show surface will be turf, but I need to be ready for pavement or concrete at future shows. I don’t see myself doing many of these shows, but I want to be ready. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks…Rob

A dome tent is preferred for the better shows. Right now I’m seeing good value used tents for ridiculous cheap prices. fb marketplace would be a good place to look. Brands worth purchasing used include Showoff - the easiest for one person to set up, trimline and light dome. Tent must be white and fit in 10x10 space.
Judy H

Judy…Thanks for the suggestion. I buy and sell on FB Marketplace, but hadn’t thought about looking at tents…Rob

I had one of the “heavy duty” tents that had removable walls, a banner holder and sturdy frame. I absolutely HATED lugging that thing around. It was a royal pain to set up and weighed a ton. IMO if the weather is so bad that I need walls, I would just pack up. Also, adding a wall creates a giant sail, so it’s not so simple as to just put them up as the weather becomes inclement. The wind will be trying to take your tent for a trip among the birds even with sandbags.

I’m not sure what you meant by nighttime storage and security but no tent is secure to the public.

I recommend going for a regular ez up tent. Every time I would be setting up our tent I’d be sweating and cursing while my neighbors just whoosh, popped theirs right up!

I don’t do many shows. Maybe three in the last 25 years. I have agreed to do one at a local nature center that we belong to. Since it is an outdoor show, I need a tent. I will be looking at an EZ-Up type tent. I was just wondering if there is one manufacturer that is better than another. Judy’s comment was not an endorsement of the non-EZ-Up type tents but just to the point that EZ-Up tents are apparently not allowed at some shows. Regarding security, there is nighttime security at this show and it is on gated grounds. I do like the idea of having walls and a zippered closure so that I can leave some of my setup inside the tent at night. I would likely remove most or all the walls during the show. I will also likely not sleep at night for fear that the whole thing will blow away. This is one of the many reasons that I stopped doing outdoor shows about 25 years ago. Thanks for all the comments…Rob

Almost all of those tents have aluminum posts. You can buy snap fittings that screw into different materials or maybe you can buy some that could be pop riveted in.

Then you can also apply the meeting snap into some sheets or other material and you could have a lightweight enclosure that is removable.

I use a commercial easy up style that I purchased at Sam’s club. The brand is z-shase, but I don’t know if that is still available at Sam’s. It has 4 walls and has been doing a good job for quite a few years now. Make sure the pitch of the roof is steep enough so that water doesn’t pool in the roof. I have seen a few easy up styles collapse under the weight of water accumulating while mine stayed upright and dry all night.