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10 things every jeweler should be doing in 2017

Ten things every jeweler should be doing

Ten things jewelers should do and money will magically come your way!
O.K. I know it sounds like an email scam. It’s not, it’s the truth. Do you want me to repeat to you a story from Mary Smith from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and how she did the first one and it brought in a sale for $10,000? No you don’t want to hear crazy stories.
Just do them and money will come your way.
Thing #1
Send a thank you card to each and every customer. You’ll stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry about the one cheating husband. If you think it could be “ify”, don’t send one but 95% of customers are legit.
No one sends hand written thank you notes now a days-only text messages and emails and emails are only opened 30% of the time. Your customers will remember and talk about your thank you card.
We sent pre-printed thank you cards for sales under $200 and above $201 handwritten. Do them once a week. You’ll stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

Thing #2
Carry business cards with you 24/7. Give them to everyone. At a restaurant leave it with your signed credit card receipt. “Thanks for great meal & service”. Might even leave a card that says “ever looking for a change, come see me”.
Just hand them out and tell people “I’m in the make people happy business”. Just like seeds, you’ll harvest what you’ll sow.

Thing #3
Make arrangements once a quarter to speak at ladies/church/men’s groups on gems, jewelry and manufacturing. People love “how they do that” shows. You’ll become the area expert.

Thing #4
Give every charity that knocks on your door something from your store. Suggestion: Buy calibrated colored stones. 10x8 or 12x10 oval and emerald cut Amethysts/Citrines/Blue Topaz. They don’t cost a lot, we gave them away along with a $50 gift certificate towards the labor to make something. Back then we figured over 60% of the people who bought these at the charity event did an average $300 making something. That’s when gold was less than $400 an ounce. Plus the charity came out on top as well.

Thing #5
When finishing a sale have yourself or staff go into the showroom area, shake the customer’s hand and escort them to the front door. personal service.

Thing #6
Ask every customer what is the next piece of jewelry they’d like. Help them if they don’t have an answer. (Everyone needs something to match this/that or the other).
Then ask them WHEN. Birthdays/anniversaries/Valentines Day/Mothers Day/ Christmas.
Then ask “WHO shall I contact?”
Put this in a tickler file. 3 weeks before write a letter and mail it to the other person telling them their sweetheart was recently in and let you know she’d like this for your anniversary, etc Take a picture, copy and paste it in the letter and let him know you have it if he’d like.
Men love to save time and get what women want and make them happy.
The person who told me this said 90% of men would buy the item within 6 months of receiving the letter.

Thing #7
Congratulate a staff member at least once a week on a job well done. Go to a movie theater and buy $25 gift certificates. From time to time just hand them a movie pass as a thank you for a job done well. (Or pedicures, etc). Thank you’s go a long ways to increase morale and motivation.

Thing #8
Open up a separate checking account and each week put 8% of the dollar deposits into this account. One day it will come in handy. But it’s “one day”, not tomorrow. You won’t miss 8%.

Thing #9
One a month take off the first day of the workweek or the last day so you can have a long weekend. It will recharge your batteries and the staff will be in charge. You’ll be amazed how well they will do without you over their head.

Thing #10
Every 3 months (once a quarter) get rid of 20% of inventory that’s over 2 years old. By hook or crook.
Do a sale/give staff 5% commission to sell this stuff/exchange to vendor/send to close out vendors to sell/take apart & remake it to something new/scrap it/ Goodbye!/Get the money even if below cost.
This will give you money, lower your debt and allow you to buy new exciting merchandise that will definitely sell, thus increasing sales and profits.

You will have more money, as if by magic, out of no where
David Geller

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