10 Business Books To Read for Jewelers

Best Business Books Back in late December a jeweler asked me to post
my choices of 10 best books for jewelers. I don’t know why he picked
on me but I’ll shimmy my way up to the plate.

  1. “Geller Blue Book to Jewelry Repairs” by David Geller. O.K. so
    this is plagiarism. But so far no one has told me sales have
    decreased by using my repair pricing guide. (Only sales increases).
    Order from me.

  2. “The E-Myth” Why small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. By Michael Gerber. Every jeweler will see themselves in this book.
    All about technicians who start businesses. Leads you down the path
    of how to work ON your business instead of in it. $15. Order from me,
    Amazon.com or any bookstore.

  3. “How to make your business run by itself” By Susan carter. This
    is a must to accompany the E-Myth. This takes off where Michael
    Gerber stops. Shows you step by step how to make a Policy & Procedure
    manual. This is how to get things done without you. $29.95. You can
    order from me or amazon.com. I might have found this originally in
    Barnes & Noble.

  4. The Successful Business Organizer” by Rhonda Adams. $29.95.
    Great book on how to “think” through running a business. Lots of
    layout forms to help guide you in what needs to be done. Has a great
    info and you can order the book there and she has 4 others that look
    great. www.rhondaworks.com.

  5. Guerrilla Creativity”, The Power of Memes by Jay Conrad
    Levinson. His newest, all about what you’re marketing says to your
    customer. He says you can say more to a customer with an image or
    sentence than all of the ads in the world. Jay says we should all ad
    this to our marketing plan. He’s the man who invented the Marlboro
    Man, the Jolly Green Giant, and Pillsbury Doughboy. Look at those
    images and you don’t need any introduction. A slogan will also tell
    it all. After reading his book I changed my slogan. It used to be
    “Profitable pricing for the bench jeweler”. It was O.K. but that’s
    not really what I do. I changed mine (and will as my stationary and
    business cards run out) to “Making the world a richer place…one
    jeweler at a time.”

  6. The Ultimate Marketing Plan” by Dan S. Kennedy. He’s the King of
    Marketing on a shoestring. Paperback.

  7. “How to market a product for under $500.00” by Jeffrey Dobkin.
    This book shows you step by step, keystroke by keystroke on how to
    make up a winning sales letter. Wink helped me with my first one and
    this book is almost like having Wink. I’ve used this book on many of
    my writings (can you tell?).

  8. Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Probably 4 trillion
    copies sold. This should be the first book if you intend to be an
    entrepreneur. Paperback.

  9. All of The Guerrilla Marketing" style books by Jay Conrad.
    Guerilla Marketing Weapons”, “Guerrilla Marketing Excellence ”, etc,

  10. “Retail Business” by Jim Dion & Ted Topping, big paperback,
    $20.00. I just bought this today and have read about 2 chapters. Man
    this twenty dollar book is IT! A lot of it is I have
    gathered plus more. Choosing location, buying, and sales management,
    crunching the numbers. Easy to read.

That’s my list. Post your own. Most are available at Amazon.com and
I have bought many books used on Amazon.com and have been very
pleased. You just have to be BETTER than the national average.

What does that mean? Survey shows that better than 80% of all
business books bought aren’t read past chapter 1.

Be better than the average.

David Geller